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Art Division is a non-profit (501)(c)3 organization dedicated to training and supporting underserved youth who are committed to studying the visual arts. Art Division distinguishes itself by providing in-depth services to young adults aged 18-25 in the Rampart District of Los Angeles, an at-risk population within one of Los Angeles’ most densely populated and underserved communities. We believe that focused instruction, individualized tutoring and personal support gives students the tools they need to pursue higher education, achieve self-sufficiency and obtain careers in the arts and related fields. Art Division is also dedicated to community engagement and to building a thriving arts community in the Rampart District.


Art Division was founded in 2010 by Dan McCleary to serve young adults in the Rampart District, one of Los Angeles’ most densely populated and underserved communities. While working as the Director of Art Programs for Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), an after-school program in the Rampart District, Dan realized that when his most talented and committed students graduated from high school, they lost access to school and community-based arts programs. Art Division was founded to give these young artists the professional training and academic support they need to succeed and transition into four-year colleges and successful careers. We acquired our 501(c)3 non-profit status in January, 2011.

Art Division has a permanent base in its new Art Library located near MacArthur Park.  Our extended campus consists of painting, drawing, and print-making studios, all located within walking distance of the library.

We depend on an enthusiastic staff and a significant contingent of dedicated volunteers to provide our programming. Art Division has gained the support of professional artists who have donated their time as guest lecturers and have opened their studios to our students.


Dan McCleary: Executive Director
Maria Galicia: Assistant Director
Cindy Ojeda: Associate Director
Javier Carrillo: Operations Director, Printmaking Instructor 
Pamela Wright: Associate Director of Development


Dan McCleary: Figure Drawing
Javier Carrillo: Printmaking
Fabian Cereijido: Art History
Darcy Vebber: Creative Writing
Andy Romanoff: Photography
Randle Mell: Public Speaking
Lois Powers: Literacy Coach
Wilber Urbina: Digital Film



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Gregory Breen

A graduate of Claremont Men’s College and UCLA, and a member of the California State Bar, Gregory Breen has 30 years experience in tax and finance, public accounting and has worked for private companies. He currently resides in Hermosa Beach with his wife and two sons where he was an elected member of the local school board and community volunteer.

Angela DuRoss

Angela DuRoss spent ten years as a teacher for and on the design and executive boards of Young at Art, a volunteer art education program that reaches 6,000 South Bay School children each year. She participated on Heart of Los Angeles’ Art Advisory board and helped organize and build their art library.

Nancy Fawcett

Nancy Fawcett is a practicing psychotherapist who has also had a long career in teaching. She currently is an adjunct professor of psychology at Antioch University Los Angeles. She is also an avid art collector and an amateur photographer.

Perri Guthrie

Perri Guthrie is an accredited fine art appraiser and has worked with artists, collectors, museums, foundations and cultural institutions for over twenty-six years. She is currently the National Chairperson for the International Society of Appraisers Fine Art Committee.

Paula Holt

Paula Holt was formerly the Commissioner of Cultural Affairs for the City of Los Angeles, President of Tiffany Theaters and President of the South California Chapter International Women’s Forum Alliance. Currently, she is on the board of Councilor at the USC School of Theater where she is also an Adjunct Faculty member. She is currently an independent stage producer and on Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles Stage.

Melody Kanschat

Melody Kanschat is an arts professional with broad experience in management, communications, fundraising and master plan development.  She is currently Executive Director of the Getty Leadership Institute at Claremont Graduate University.  She recently concluded a 22-year career with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) where she served in a variety of executive capacities.  In her final six years at LACMA, she was the Museum’s President and Chief Operating Officer and was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the museum.

Glenn Kawahara

Glenn Kawahara attended and graduated from the University of Southern California in May 1974
Attended Southwestern School of Law from August 1974 until graduating in May 1977
Passed California Bar exam and sworn in as an attorney in December 1977

Enid Koffler

Enid Koffler has been an advocate for young Los Angeles artists for many years. She was the founding member of the art advisory board of HOLA and has since gone on to be a patron of Art Division students. She has also served on the board of Grand Performances.

Lucas Reiner

Lucas Reiner is a painter who attended Otis Art Institute. He has served on the Board of Directors and National Advisory Council of Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, as well as the Artist Advisory Board of HOLA.

Ramone Muñoz

Ramone is a full Professor at Art Center College of Design and a regular panelist for the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department and the National Endowment for the Arts.



Tony Abatermarco
Marigold Associates
Kenneth M. Berkowitz
James Brown
Nora Cain
Karen Carson
Lisa Crossett
Denise Domergue
James Fawcett
Alex Nataren
John Nava
Marjorie Nielsen
Donna Pall
Lois Powers
Andrea Rich
Lee Schube
Katherine Sherwood
Patricia Yossen



Website:  ArtDivision.org

Email:  info@artdivision.org

Mailing Address:  PO BOX 57630, Los Angeles, CA 90057

Office:  2418 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90057

Phone:  (213) 385-1585

Dan McCleary/Director: dan@artdivision.org

Maria Galicia/Assistant Director: maria@artdivision.org

Cindy Ojeda/Project Manager: cindy@artdivision.org


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